Useful  Resources:

American Model Yachting Association

Racing Rules of Sailing: Mark-Room by Russell Hardie

ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)​​

​Victor Model Yachts - Official Soling 1 Meter Supplier​​
Dragon Sailing North America - Supplier of DragonForce and DragonFlite
Midwest Model Yachting - R/C Model Sailboat Fittings
Breaking Wind Boats- High quality stands for Df65/95 classes & More
ACP Composites - Manufacturer of Composite Materials for Model Yachting
Who is that Mast Man - Soling 1M One Piece Spruce Masts & Booms

The Wright Soling Stands - Highest quality stands for Soling 1M RC yachts

Small Vinyl Lettering - Supplier of wide range of small vinyl lettering

Mast Cranes - Custom Aluminum Mast Cranes

Stall Sail Carriers & More - Custom Sail Carriers and TX Rain Guard

​Wind Indicator -  Special Design Wind Indicator for Model Yachts

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Useful resources

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