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Don 1/21/20

​Sirius Sails

 Model Yacht Sails

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2013 Sirius Sails Regatta results (cont.):
Harper Lake Circumnavigation (Victoria) - 1st
T-Shirt Regatta (Victoria) - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Farmer's Market Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
National Championship Regatta (Infinity 54) - 2nd
Rocky Mountain Regatta (Victoria) - 1st, 3rd
Heart of Dixie Regatta (Victoria) - 3rd
National Championship Regatta (Star 45) - 2nd
TMYC (Victoria) Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
TMYC (EC12) Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

2014 Sirius Sails Regatta results:
Helmsmen January Regatta (US1M) - 2nd
Whale Fest (Victoria) - 2nd
Tax Refund (Victoria) - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
GWTW (EC12) - 2nd
Jacksonville Regatta (EC12) - 3rd
Triangle Cup (EC12) - 2nd
Old Timers Regatta (US1M) - 2nd
National Championship Regatta (US1M) - 2nd
National Championship Regatta (Canterbury J) - 1st
National Championship Regatta (Victoria) - 3rd

2015 -Present Sirius Sails Regatta results:
Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to track all the Regattas's, there continues to be numerous wins in all classes.  Thank you for your support.

National Championship Regatta (Canterbury J) - 2nd
Pumpkin Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
Helmsmen November Regatta (Soling 50) - 1st
Helmsmen Season Champion (Soling 50) - 1st
Rocky Mountain Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
TMYC (Victoria) Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
TMYC (EC12) Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

2012 Sirius Sails Regatta results: 
Helmsmen February  Regatta (Soling 50) - 1st, 2nd
Tax Refund Regatta (Victoria) - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Triangle Cup (EC12) - 1st
Harper Lake Regattas (Victoria)  May  - 3rd, June - 3rd, July - 2nd, Aug. - 2nd, Sept. - 2nd, Overall - 3rd.
Farmer's Market Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
R3 Championship (Victoria) - 1st, 3rd
Rocky Mountain Regatta (Victoria) - 2nd
Pumpkin Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
TMYC (Victoria) Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
TMYC (EC12) Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Helmsmen Season Champion (Soling 50) - 1st, 2nd
R1 Championship (US12) - 3rd

2013 Sirius Sails Regatta results:
Helmsmen January Regatta (US1M) - 2nd
Frostbite Regatta (Victoria - 36 boats) - 3rd
Whale Fest (Victoria) - 3rd
Valentines Regatta (EC12)  A fleet - 2nd. B fleet - 2nd
Helmsmen February Regatta (US1M) - 1st, 2nd
Seattle MYC March Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
R3 Championship (Victoria) - 2nd
Seattle MYC April Regatta (Victoria) - 1st 
Soak at the Oak (EC12) - 2nd
Helmsmen May Regatta (Micro Magic) - 1st
Triangle Cup (EC12) - 1st, 2nd
Helmsmen June Regatta (US1M) - 1st

2009 Sirius Sails Regatta results:  
Tax Refund Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
Carey Lake Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
Pumpkin Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
Region 3 Championship (EC12) - 2nd
TMYC Victoria Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 4th
TMYC EC12  Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

2010 Sirius Sails Regatta results:
Farmer's Market Regatta (Victoria) - 1st, 2nd
GWTW Regatta (EC12) - 1st
Tax Refund Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
Triangle Cup Regatta (EC12) - 2nd, 3rd
Century Cup Regatta (EC12) - 1st
Sun City Regatta (EC12) - 3rd
Jacksonville Regatta (EC12) - 2nd
Region 1 Championship (Canterbury J) - 1st
Region 3 Championship (Fairwind) - 1st, 3rd
Gator Regatta (EC12) - 1st
Punta Gorda Regatta (EC12) - 1st
TMYC Victoria Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 4th
TMYC EC12 Club Championship - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

2011 Sirius Sails Regatta results: 
Valentine's Regatta (EC12) - 3rd
St. Pete Regatta (EC12 B fleet) - 1st, 3rd
Helmsmen March Regatta (Soling 50) - 1st
Tax Refund Regatta (Victoria) - 1st, 2nd
R3 Championship (Victoria) - 1st, 2nd
Helmsmen April Regatta (Soling 50) - 1st
Century Cup Regatta (EC12) - 3rd
 Harper Lake Circumnavigation (Victoria) - 1st
Helmsmen June Regatta (Soling 50) - 1st
Farmer's Market Regatta (Victoria) - 1st
Harper Lake Regattas (Victoria) May - 3rd, June - 3rd, Aug. - 2nd, Oct. - 3rd, Nov. - 3rd, 2011 Overall - 3rd
"​​Sails are fantastic and I won 2 of 4 races with 2nds the rest. Wind was 0-6 shifty 180 degrees.
Went sailing today and had a wonderful day on the lake-still getting the boat tuned up but I feel
I have NO excuses with the boat or rig.
Thank you for the wonderful sails"....

... "just a note on the sails for my ODOM.  They are really great... yesterday at our meet the sails really out performed all the other boats.  I finally got them tuned just right and up wind and down and they were superb"....

..."This was the first time I raced the boat with the CPM 505 Sails.  The boat speed was excellent and I had no trouble pointing with others or higher. When footing a bit, the boat was very fast.
We sailed 11 races. I was 2nd in the first race and then had a string of firsts the next 5 races"....

..."the boat was ON FIRE!  These sails are very very fast! Acceleration was terrific and pointing ability was outstanding!  I had no problem going higher and much much faster then every boat in the fleet."

....."Service First Class and some.  Sails being the engine, WOW. Words escape me, perhaps, Rolls Royce could come to mind."

....."all I can say about your sails is they are - EXCELLENT!  Beautiful shape in both very light and heavy air and was able to out point the other four boats I sailed with.  Your sails are the third set I have had on the boat and they are by far the best.  I will be sending you some photos of the boat on the water.  Great sails at a very good price...........Did I mention that they are EXCELLENT!"

....."got the sails and they look great!  I held the main up by the corners and it was stunning!"

....."the acceleration in the puffs left the fleet behind.....you could hear the jaws drop!"

....."I put the sails on my boat and followed your trim guide - we now have one fast boat ! Thanks for your help"

......"they look and trim like the sails on my J24.....and are fast!  I am amazed at what you have done!"

..... "I was a tail-end to mid-fleet finisher at best.  Same boat, same skipper, but with your sails, I am in contention every race and even have won some races for the first time."

..... "I have been sailing RC boats since 1975.  Your sails are the most dramatic performance enhancement I have seen since then."

......"in my youth, I worked for Hood Sails and what you claim is true.  Your sail design approach is far superior to block made sails.  If we sailed our models longer distances, everyone would appreciate and want Sirius Sails."
 ..... " We have three of the six new suits of your sails on the water.  Each of the guys are very pleased.  I am ecstatic with mine.  My new boat, in the water for the 3rd time is performing beyond anything I expected and far better than my other sails.  My overall results for our last three weeks sailing have been 3rd, 2nd and today first, winning by five points over 12 races."

​​​Race Results and Testimonials