Due to inceased demand the lead time for new orders is appoximately 72 days. 

Don 1/21/20

​Sirius Sails

 Model Yacht Sails

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​New Starburst Corner Designs for 2016

Sail Cloth currently available:
3 oz utility Dacron, 200P
Construction details:
All sails are made and guaranteed to conform with class rules.  All sails have sewn luffs.  All Soling Sails are single panel cut warp oriented, in the load direction.   Included are class logo, sail numbers, telltales, luff pockets on both sails, battens, plus an installed jib luff wire.  Standard sails have reinforced grommeted corners made of black, red, white, blue, green,  hot pink or fluorescent orange dacron ripstop. 

Optional extras are:
Draft Stripes.

Sail Cloth details:  
Extensive testing by Sirius Sails have shown that the type of sail cloth has almost no impact on performance, given that the load limits of the material are not exceeded.  Generally, heavier sail cloth is more stable in all load directions than lighter sail cloth, is less flexible, but will provide the longest racing life.  Lighter cloth weights are more flexible and respond to light air more readily, making them easier to read, but do not provide the longevity of heavier cloth.

Most standard Sirius Sails suits are made using the DPL 82 material.  Details and uses for each type of cloth are:

200P - 0.004" thick (2.1 oz) polyester with scrim in the warp and fill directions. Flexible, yet strong when warp load oriented.  Suitable for general purpose main and jib sails.

3 oz Utility Dacron - 0.005" thick (3.0 oz) woven polyester .  Medium flexability with great strength when warp load oriented.  Suitable for  general purpose main and jib sails.

Soling 1M Sails by Sirius sails