The jib and main can be made of either Trispi 25 or Trispi 40. The typical configuration is Trispi 25 for the jib and Trispi 40 for the main. In addition, we are also offering the option to have the sails made from Trispi 50, CPM 505, 1.4 mil mylar, 2.0 mil mylar or PX75. Sails come with star burst corners, draft stripes, tell tales, battens, and luff wire installed in the jib. Options include main and jib numbers. Sails include a Trim Guide and Notes. 

The cost for a suit of EC12 sails is $175 plus $15 for shipping/insurance and 7% tax (If FL resident)

East Coast 12 Sails

​Dual Color Corners - $5

MCZ2 - $25

Sail Add Ons:

​Carbon Fiber Battens - $10​

Sail Numbers - $10

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For additional information contact:  ​  or (561) 676-7639

CPM 505 - $35

 Due to inceased demand the lead time for new orders is appoximately 40 days. 

Don 8/1/19

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