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Don 1/21/20

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Bob's Articles & Papers

The articles were published in Model Yachting and are made available courtesy of the author, Bob Szczepanski.  To view, right click on the pdf title.  To download, left click on the down arrow, to the far right, associated with each.
"DX6i Programming Tip" provides info to use the programmable mixes for "G" & "P" switches described in the Dynamic Twist article below on a DX6i.
"Dynamic (on the water) Mainsail Twist Control" describes how using programmable switches and mixes available on computer radio transmitters can be used to enhance racing performance.

"How to Become a Fast Guy II" (Upwind racing tactics)

"How to Become a Fast Guy" discusses how thinking about sail trim as managing power, instead of repeating settings, can be used to help skippers become better sail trimmers.

"The Need for Speed" how and why to use a "Speed Bubble" trim technique to extend upwind and downwind performance.

"Rudderless" techniques to minimize rudder movements and improve boat speed.

Sail Design Technology - "Adapting Full Sized Sailmaking Design and Broad Seaming Techniques to Model Yacht Sails" The engineering behind Sirius Sails and a description of modern sail design techniques.

"It's Not the Slot! How Sails Really Work" is a technical review of how sails really work and provides insights for optimizing sail trim for performance racing.

"Fiberglass Star 45 Short kit build article" describes techniques used to build a fiberglass Star 45 and options for using low cost winches for sail control.

"The Waterline Trick" describes how to easily tell if your boat is even with, passed or short of the mark.