I greatly apologize but my lead time for new orders has increased to approximately 75 days.                                              Don 4/1/2021

​​Sirius Sails

 Model Yacht Sails

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Sirius Sails

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Currently, designs for 36/600, 6M, 1M J "Ranger", Canterbury J, Columbia 42, Dragon Force 65, Dragon Flite 95, East Coast 12,  Fairwind, H56,  I54, IOM, Marblehead, Micro Magic, Mini 12, Mini 40, Newport 12, ODOM, Santa Barbara, Soling 50, Star 45, Triton, US 1 Meter,  US12, Victoria, VO70  and Wheeler model yachts are in production and include a design specific trim guide.  Others classes and custom sail designs available upon request.

Now being distributed to 50 U.S. states and over 30 Countries around the world.

Note:  I have added the new North Sails NorLam PX75 as shown in the picture of the Mini40 / Main Sail.  It is very similar to the old PX75 but is a touch lighter and only has the X-Plys, we also have a good supply of TriSpi 25, 40 and 50.

Sirius Sails with Distributed Camber (TM), are the newest technology in sailmaking for model yachts.  They are 3D computer designed and built using proprietary broad seaming techniques that produce air foil shapes identical to those used on full sized yachts.

The trim and performance limitations of older model yacht sailmaking technology (sail boards and sail blocks), which produce various circular arc shapes, have been eliminated.  The pictures show the powerful distributed camber placement and low drag leech shapes.

Sirius Sails, with Distributed Camber (TM),  create:
  • High lift to drag ratios in all wind speeds
  • Higher forward drive and lower heel vectors
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Tighter sheeting angles


than are possible with sail board or sail block made sails.  Sirius Sails unique design allows maximized performance in the upper and  lower wind range of the sail.  Restricted wind range performance has been eliminated.  Also, since Sirius Sails' proprietary sail design software and seaming tools allow precise control of camber and it's location, custom tailored designs are used for each model yacht type.

Sirius Sails Model Yacht Sails incorporating sailmaking technology that produces true airfoil shapes by adapting full sized sailmaking design and broad seaming techniques to model yacht sails.

Note the distributed camber placement, powerful airfoil shapes and low drag leech design.

Sirius Sails with Distributed Camber